Don’t Put the Cart before the Horse

Please welcome my friend Emily Akin as today’s guest writer. Emily and I met at Kentucky Christian Writers Conference. She continues to be one of my greatest sources for writing information. Check out her Blog4Writers for a wealth of helpful information. Emily lives in northwest Tennessee with her husband of 45 years and their Jack Russell terrier, Jeb.

“I always have prayer before I go into the courtroom,” said the judge I was interviewing. “One day, I didn’t get a chance to pray before going in. Everything seemed to go wrong.”

Later, he returned to his office. While there, he realized he had forgotten to pray.

“I prayed, and I went back into the courtroom. Everything fell into place,” he said.

The judge had “put the cart before the horse.” We say that when a person makes a task more difficult by doing things in the wrong order. The cart is made for the horse to pull rather than push.

  • Put the horse in front of the cart. The horse pulls the cart.
  • Put the horse behind the cart. The horse does not know what to do.

We put the cart before the horse by:

  • Starting on a trip without knowing what route we’ll take.
  • Buying clothes for an event before we’ve been invited.
  • Asking God to bless our efforts after we’ve made our own plan.

Our plans work out better if we consult God first. Perhaps what we’ve planned is not what God wants for us. It could be that we have the right idea, but we are going about it the wrong way. Let’s be sure our plans follow God’s purpose. Put the horse before the cart in everything we do.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21, NIV).

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