Welcome to Words, Wit, & Wisdom.

This site helps people with a non-English background understand the meaning of unusual English expressions. It also offers a brief respite for anyone who enjoys word play.

The idea came from Chia Lin (Jenny) Kuo. We walked together most mornings when she was a Campbellsville University student. Jenny asked that I explain the meaning of a new slang expression every day. So for Jenny and our many other ESL (English as a Second Language) friends, I hope this helps.

Most blog posts have three parts:

  • The unusual expression (the title)
  • An explanation and related life lesson
  • A closing devotional thought

I post once a week on Tuesdays.

Remember that expressions can have more than one meaning.

The meaning may vary based on:

  • Family background
  • Where a person lives
  • Use among friends
  • Other factors

Posts reflect my understanding based on my experience.

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