Fixing to

Fixing to-Lake Cumberland viewMy mother, sister, cousin, and I were fixing to eat when I took this picture. We planned to enjoy both our food and this great view of Lake Cumberland.

When we are fixing to do something, we are getting ready to do it.

In the southern United States, we often say, “fixin’ to.” However we say it, we mean we are:

  • About to begin
  • Preparing
  • Starting

We plan to do something. For example, we may say we are fixing to:

  • Cook dinner
  • Start a new semester
  • Go shopping

Sometimes people rush us to do something.

We have not tackled a job as soon as they think we should. They want us to get the ball rolling. When that happens, we might say, “Don’t rush me. I’m fixing to do it.” That often happens with:

  • Children doing their school work
  • Teens cleaning their room
  • Husbands or wives working around the house

Are we fixing to do what matters most?

Will what we are fixing to do:

  • Make life better?
  • Help anyone?
  • Have lasting value?

“You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” (Luke 12:40 NIV).

Thanks to Carol York Patterson Brangers for the idea.

Do you have a favorite expression or one you want explained? If so, please comment.

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Fixing to — 2 Comments

  1. As a south-Georgia girl, I grew up saying this phrase, but when my husband started his twenty-year career in the Navy and we moved out of the south, I’ll admit it rather quickly disappeared from my vocabulary. Now that he’s retired and we’re back in GA, it sometimes surfaces, but hasn’t become a permanent part of my vocabulary again. Wonder why? I reckon I may never know! Blessings and thanks for the blog posting!

    • Julie, although I used this phrase often as a child, I never thought about including it on my blog until Carol’s suggestion. I hope you’re enjoying your time back in Georgia. Be careful if you have to drive in the snow and ice that hit the south this week.

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