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“Mom’s Never-Failing Gift,” LIVE, 5-12-19
“Beyond the Walls,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, Winter 2018-2019
“Through It All,” LIVE, November 2018
“Faith at Work in Bucharest,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, October 2018
“Higher Education: Helping Students Find Their Calling,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, Fall 2018
“Personalized Prayers,” Missions Mosaic, August 2018
“Sharing Life,” Missions Mosaic, July 2018
“Leadership Retreat Plan: Unshakable Pursuit,” WMU’s Missions Leader, 2018-2019
“Sharing with Refugees in Las Vegas,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, May 2018
“Meeting Plan,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, May 2018
“Be Still,” Seek, 5-20-18
“Meeting Plan,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, April 2018
“No Longer Alone,” WMU’s Missionary Spotlight, March 2018
“Meeting Plan,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, March 2018
“Telling the Gospel Completely in the Amazon,” WMU’s Missions Plan Book, February 2018
“Write Drama Right,” Christian Communicator, January/February 2018
“Free Indeed,” Positive Note Magazine, January/February 2018
“Where Do We Go from Here: PTSD and Natural Disasters,” WMU’s Missions Leader, Winter 2017-18
“Russia” WMU’s 2017 IMS Promotion Kit, December 2017
“At Home,” Purpose, December 2017
“Minding the Home Front,” Seek, 12-17-17
Still Scribbling,” Blog4Writers, 12-2-17
Healing Hearts,” Kentucky Living online, 11-30-17
“Getting the Message Right, The Gem, 11-26-17
A Hard-Learned Lesson, The Lookout, 10-22-17
A True Measure of Happiness,” Positive Note Magazine, September/October 2017
“U-turns Allowed,” The Gem, 9-10-17
“Another Taste of Home,” Casey County Apple Festival Tabloid, September 2017
“Core of the Commonwealth,” Kentucky Monthly, August 2017
“Lessons from a Dog Named Hope,” Seek, 8-13-17
“Why Worry?” The Gem, 8-13-17
“The Little Man’s Amen,” The Vision, 8-13-17
“The Best Meal of the Year,” Mature Years, Summer 2017
Create Opportunities: Practice Hospitality Meeting Plans,” WMU’s Women on Mission Planner, July 2017
“A Rose among Thorns,” The Vision, 7-30-17
“Staying Positive in a Negative World,” The Gem, 7-23-17
“Defying Defeat,” Seek, 7-16-17
“The Scent of Sin,” The Vision, 7-16-17
“Thanks for Everything,” The Gem, 6-4-17
“Deborah and Barak: Seven Leadership Lessons,” Standard Bible Student, 6-4-17
Solomon, Browning, and Life,” Positive Note Magazine, May/June 2017
“A Homecoming to Remember,” The Gem, 5-28-17
“Staying Afloat,” The Gem, 5-21-17
Mom’s Never-Failing Gift,” The Lookout, 5-14-17
“How Do Your Parents Rate?” ENCOUNTER, 4-30-17
“A Healthy Balance,” The Gem, 4-30-17
“Hold on to Love,” The Gem, 4-2-17
“Learn to Listen: Hear the Hurt, Heal the Heart Meeting Plans,” WMU’s Women on Mission Planner, April 2017
“Taming Life’s Lions,” The Gem, 3-19-17
“If Trees Could Talk,” The Vision, 3-5-17
“Is That Our Baby?” The Vision, 2-26-17
“Costly Service, Priceless Gain,” ENCOUNTER, 2-19-17
“Making Turtles,” The Gem, 2-19-17
“Mission Elephants!” Primary Treasure, 2-4-17
Composed from the Heartland,” Kentucky Monthly, February 2017
“The Team Call,” The Gem, 2-5-17
“You Might Be a Writer,” Christian Communicator, Jan/Feb 2017
“In Contrast,” The Gem, 1-29-17
“Uniquely You,” ENCOUNTER, 1-29-17
“A Homecoming to Remember,” The Vision, 1-22-17
“Getting the Message Right,” The Vision, 1-22-17
“Step into the World: Choose the Best Over the Better Meeting Plans,” WMU’s Women on Mission Planner, January 2017
Lessons from a Dog Named Hope,” Hometown of the Ken-Tenn Area, Dec 2016/Jan 2017
“Dad’s Memory Glitch,” Mature Years, Winter 2016-2017
“What a Gift,” The Vision, 12-25-16
“What a Gift,” The Gem, 12-25-16
“Christmas Presence,” The Gem, 12-18-16
“What a Gift!” The Plus Years, December 2016
“Prayer Patterns,” Missions Mosaic, December 2016
“10 Essential Writing Exercises,” Christian Communicator, November/December 2016
Feed the Hungry,” WMU Leaders Blog, October 2016
Promote Missions Growth,” WMU Leaders Blog, October 2016
Teamwork in Thailand” Web Update, WMU, October 2016
Write Drama Right,” The Write Life Newsletter, 9-1-16
Ministry, Russian Style,” Women on Mission Blog, July 7, 2016
New Doors,” Women on Mission Blog, July 14, 2016
Why Bother?” Women on Mission Blog, July 21, 2016
Home Missions,” Women on Mission Blog, July 28, 2016
Minding the Home Front,” Lookout, 6-12-16
What a Gift,” Hometown of the Ken-Tenn Area, Dec 2015/Jan 2016
Christmas Presence,” Kentucky Living online, December 2015
Dad’s Memory Glitch,” The Lookout, 6-21-15
Our National Treasures,” The Lookout, 4-19-15


“The Twelve Months of Christmas, The Gem, 12-3-17
Sharing the Load,” Positive Note Magazine, November/December 2017
“Stress Proofing,” LIVE, 11-19-17
“Everyday Thanksgiving, The Gem, 9-3-17
“Rejoice,” Mature Years, Summer 2017
“Sharing the Load,” The Gem, 7-2-17
“Be Still,” LIVE, Spring 2017
“The Wall,” LIVE, May, 2017
“Shhh,” The Vision, 1-8-17
“An Unexpected Answer,” God’s Word for Today, Winter 2016-2017
“An Unexpected Answer,” The Plus Years, Winter 2016-17
“The Twelve Months of Christmas,” The Vision, 12-11-16
“The Twelve Months of Christmas,” LIVE, December 2016
Snapshots from the Family Album,” KY Arts Council’s “Where I’m From”: A Poetry of Place, 2016


The Upper Room Magazine, devotion for 3-27-14, plus guest blog post 3-27-149-15-16, plus guest blog post; devotion for March/April 2018, November/December 2018
Christian Devotions, devotions for 12-9-14, 12-31-141-22-153-3-155-11-1510-24-15, 11-11-15, 3-24-16, 4-20-16, 7-18-16, 8-8-16, 9-2-16, 10-4-16, 11-4-16, 12-5-16, 1-5-17, 2-6-17, 3-7-17, 4-6-17, 5-10-17, 6-4-17, 7-2-17, 8-5-17, 9-6-17, 10-3-17, 11-3-17, 12-2-17, 1-14-18, 2-27-18, 3-30-18
The Secret Place, devotions for 12-15-16, 5-12-17, 11-9-17, 12-7-17


Christ to the World Ministries, 82 radio dramas, 2013 to present
15 Dramas, Easter Programs for the Church, 2017
15 Dramas, Christmas Programs for the Church: Plays, Poems and Ideas for All Ages, 2016
8 Dramas, Christmas Programs, Dramas, and Skits, 2016

Bible Studies

Christ to the World Ministries, 21 Bible studies (21 leaflets and 3 booklets)

Greeting Cards

Warner Press



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